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  2. Someone has said that there is dangerous storm in market like battlefield.But Shengda people said,market is a broad stage to deduct a vehement poem…
    Business succession09-24
    Carry forward the virtue, innovation and Set up the ...07-01
    The Group partially organize 300 advanced employees ...06-25
    2013 professional committee of the national work...06-25
    To seek consensus, cohesion strength, and great...06-21
    Xiaoshan distrct Mayor,Liling and other leaders...06-07
    Heshang Shengda Group,Party working committee...03-21
    Group Shengda: Development of enterprise, for the...03-18
    Group Shengda convoke an management cadre...02-26
    Mr.Fang nengbin take over Shengda, People are...01-29
    The Chairman of Group Shengda ,Mr Fang Wuxiao...01-28
    Mr.Fang wuxiao: Redevelopment of the beautiful...01-07
    Shengda,Aidier make union reorganize Aidier Packing ...06-08
          People-oriented,for the benefit of employees;to Germany first,to be able to base.
          In the process of enterprise growth and expansion, the group always adhere to…
    Paper packaging sales
    The management reserve cadres group
    Cotton yarn sales ( Shuangkeda textile)
    Accounting accounting
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