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    2013 professional committee of the national work conference held in Beijing
    News source: Published:2013-06-25 Clicks:22

    The 2013 national professional committee work conference held in Beijing in June 25th. Vice chairman of the World Packaging Organization, China Packaging Federation President Shi Wanpeng, General Logistics Department command chief major general Zhou Songhe, China Packaging Federation Secretary of the Party committee, executive vice president and Secretary General of the Changge River, China Packaging Federation vice chairman Han Jiazeng, Wang Shanchuan, Yang Weimin, chairman, director of Wu school and 19 deputy director of the professional committee the members and the Secretary General attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary General Wang Li, Ge rivers as key speech, Shi Wanpeng delivered an important speech.
    The meeting first in recognition of the 2012 year of professional committee of excellent and advanced collective and individual. China Packaging Federation paper products packaging Committee and director Wu school awarded outstanding professional committee and chairman of the title of outstanding.

    Paper committee secretary general Liu Shousheng and other 10 professional committee responsible for the report to the general assembly. The Committee on the main work 2012 year and 2013 year work plan, provides valuable experience for the work of the professional committee of future development.
    Report, in charge of professional work of the Committee Deputy Secretary General Wang Litong called the "opinions of China Packaging Federation on rectifying Professional Committee". Hope that the professional committee of self-examination according to the "opinions" content, will result in self-examination and rectification measures before the end of 8 reported to the China packaging federation.
    Subsequently, executive vice president and Secretary General of Changge River informed of the arrangement of the China Packaging Federation to change a job, comment on the professional work of the commission. He hoped the committee should firmly establish the awareness of government, industry, business services, the professional work of the Commission, for the development of the industry, make the contribution to the construction of a packaging power.
    Finally, President Shi Wanpeng made an important speech. Stone will be long in his long engaged in the operation of national economy acumen and forward-looking, told delegates gave a profound analysis of the current domestic and international economic situation. The stone will also pointed out that the professional committee should be how to do the next step. Shi Hui long speech pointed out the direction for the future work of professional committee. Delegates have said, firmly subordinate to the China Packaging Federation's leadership, to play the professional committee of strength, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.
    The meeting clearly the professional committee of the future development direction and orientation, strengthen the work of the committee's confidence, meeting in a warm atmosphere.

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