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    Xiaoshan distrct Mayor,Liling and other leaders inspect Shuangdeng company and Shuangsheng Company.
    News source: Published:2013-06-07 Clicks:29

    June 7th afternoon, the Xiaoshan District Li Ling, district CPPCC Chairman Tan Qinfen, vice governor Jin Huanguo, vice chairman of CPPCC Jiang Jinliang, Ye Yonghao District, and other leading line of more than 10 people, accompanied by the group chairman of the board Fang Nengbin down to Yancheng, my study group pulp production base -- double and double wins.

    As chairman of the board of directors Fang Nengbin (right three), double wins leader Fang Lin (left two) to the Li Ling Chang (left) as leader of the first production of corrugated paper.
    In the two companies, Li Quchang and his party first visited the production workshop, the company chairman Zhao Lin introduces the life of paper process and variety to the leadership, leading the guests visited the product packaging workshop and high-speed paper machine shop, and report the recent production management. In the double wins, Li Quchang visited the corrugated modern production line, the company leadership Fang Lin, Bai Xiaodong respectively to leaders reported production double wins project construction, process and production scale and sales channels.

    As chairman of the board of directors Fang Nengbin (left two), double leader Zhao Lin (right) accompanied Li Ling Chang (left three) and other leaders visited the two companies.
    In the process of investigation, the government of Xiaoshan District, district CPPCC leadership group greatly on pulp and paper industry base in northern construction scale and speed of development, fully demonstrated the Xiao's comprehensive strength and social image, to further improve the Xiao Shang in the local economy influence.
    This study is composed of second Xiaoshan district government, district CPPCC organizations visited the CPPCC member enterprise activities, the purpose is to learn the advanced experience, improve the administrative environment; strong headquarters economy, guide Xiao's regression, this exploration has been Sheyang county government for the warm reception.

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